L I L A C . Choreography by Mahaila Patterson O'Brien

L I L A C . Choreography by Mahaila Patterson O'Brien


Felicia Lau is an independent dance artist based in Vancouver, BC. She received her BFA Honours degree from SFU School for the Contemporary Arts.

While at SFU, she had the opportunity to interpret the works of Serge Bennathan, Jennifer Mascall, Judith Garay, Rob Kitsos, Henry Daniel, Alison Denham, Desirée Dunbar and Shae Zukiwsky among others. 

As an emerging artist, she has had the privilege to dance with Dancers Dancing (Judith Garay), Rob Kitsos, Desirée Dunbar, Katie DeVries, and Mahaila Patterson O’Brien. She has most recently performed in Emmalena Fredriksson's p(l)ace (Dance in Vancouver), Mahaila Patterson O'Brien's duet For the Time Being (Dance Allsorts), and in Rob Kitsos' premiere of Saudade. Earlier this year, she took part in Meredith Kalaman’s residency for her trio, Femme Fatales, at Dance Victoria. 

Currently, Felicia is collaborating with Hong Kong Exile on their new multi-media theatre space opera, VISITORS FROM FAR AWAY TO THE STATE MACHINE (Music on Main). She is also rehearsing for Linnea Gwiazda’s upcoming SFU MFA project.  

Felicia also serves on the board of directors for the Training Society of Vancouver.