Felicia Lau





Felicia Lau holds a BFA Honours degree from SFU School for the Contemporary Arts.

As an emerging artist, she has had the privilege to interpret the works of Emmalena Fredriksson, Judith Garay, Meredith Kalaman, Rob Kitsos, Hong Kong Exile and Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien. She has performed in several arts festivals in BC, including Victoria’s ROMP Festival, Victoria’s Dance Days, Dance in Vancouver, Music on Main, New Work’s Dance Allsorts, and Club PUSH. Additionally, Felicia has toured with choreographer Meredith Kalaman to Edmonton and Berlin.

Alongside fellow artists Erika Mitsuhashi and Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien, Felicia formed the collective, Farouche. Together they self-produced their debut show at the Gold Saucer, premiered Patterson-O’Brien’s duet 8bitself at New Work’s Dance Allsorts, and were artists in residence at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster.

Felicia also serves on the board of directors for the Training Society of Vancouver.